Our Story


Mission & Vision

Accompanying and integrating of sustainable values in Vietnam and the global ‘s coffee industry, The Young Entreprenue of Blagu Vietnam Team have been working together with the learning spirit and community responsibility and  brings together a wonderful experience standard quality of cup of coffee for customers from SEED to CUP.

Blagu Team build up the experience space to connect farmers to customers, and create sustainable values inside the coffee supply chain.

“From each kind of coffee beans, each coffee regions, The Alchemy of Blagu bring the mysterious sorcery created “Black Coffee” to you come to experience and decode”.

Blagu Coffee Roaster Story

In modern society, coffee is not simply just a drink but also a bridge to connect people through the stories which are shared in each cup of coffee. Coffee has gradually absorbed into the daily life of many people and has become indispensable “spice” by the interestingly profound contemplation which is emanating from the flavor. Blagu coffee brand is creating such coffee cups with standard coffee beans so that when customers enjoy our coffee, they not just only sipping the taste of fresh coffee but also evoking all senses to take customers to a new adventure of endless natural word ‘s coffee beans from many lands and from variably culture in the world.

Blagu coffee departure from the soul of the young generation who was born in the local Vietnamese life so that we have felt the special essence of farmers’ sweat which brought us up to maturity. Similarly, we continue to follow the last generation and cherish all the values we gained to contribute to Vietnam’s coffee industry.  We are on a mission to be able to bring every single coffee bean so that we can touch every heart of our customers in the world. Every day, we are inspired to move further and lead to the future of ever-growing coffee. To convert into action, we provide quality coffee beans from our skilled producers and professional roasters that are suitable for everyone.

Our choice is from coffee regions which are highly qualified by reputable organizations in the world, such as SCA, ICO. We also select national standards together with the 10-year experiences in the roasting of Mr. Guru, with extensive knowledge of coffee, proved by international certifications meeting the standards of world reputable organizations such as Q grander, SCA, …. deeply understanding physical-chemical changes of coffee. Moreover, there is always innovation in the way of roasting every type of coffee.

Blagu coffee is meticulously cared for in the national roasting stage, manually handled in small batches, and promoted available characteristics in each floral fragrance structure of every coffee bean imprinted the land of blooming.

Blagu brand chooses Sieuthicafe.vn as the place for hand-giving and conveying this quintessence to each customer, and cherish every moment toasting together a daily cup of great coffee.

For direction in the future, Blagu brand keeps raising the coffee community by specialized knowledge, funds to support farmers and promote their motivation to continue developing coffee for creating sustainable values.