Employees are working more remotely and need to have access to company information from anyplace. A virtual data center can assist. By using infrastructure-as-a-service, a cloud service provider provides you with the ability to deploy scalable virtual servers, storage and more designed for enterprise workloads. This service can help you reduce costs because it lets you make use of a consumption-based model, that is, you only pay for the computing power and hardware that you need.

The traditional physical data centers require significant upfront and ongoing investment to build, manage and maintain them. In contrast, cloud-based virtualization can significantly reduce the cost of these expenditures. This allows an organization to get up and running fast.

A virtual data center gives more flexibility in protecting important data than on-site hardware. In the event of a disaster or outage, your data can be transferred to a new server instance within minutes. This will help your business reduce the impact on productivity of employees and customer satisfaction.

Stratus Innovations Group can assist you in deploying the benefits of a virtual data centre for your company by creating a scalable network architecture that optimizes Azure capabilities and resources. We’ll design a security strategy that includes defining access for the various groups who need to access your data center, such as IT/Support, Engineering, and Legal. This will ensure that only right applications are used within an environment that is virtual, and protect against hackers stealing vital information.