How To Brew Aeropress

Process Overview

The traits of the Aeropress make it the ultimate brew method for the lover Americano coffee style. The method brews a quite unique cup, that melds the brightness and mouthfeel of an espresso with the texture and simplicity of a traditional drip.


TOTAL TIME: ~5 minutes

MAKES: 250 ml


What you'll need

Aeropress, Grinder, Kettle, Scale, Coffee, Aeropress Paper Filter

Getting Started

Step 1

Grind 30g of coffee
Freshly ground is always best, and for Aeropress, grind coffee to the medium

Step 2

Put the paper filter into the base and rinse well.

Step 3

Put the Aeropress on top of scale.

Step 4

Place coffee ground in the Aeropress.

Step 5

“Pour 50ml of hot water into the Aeropress then wait 30 seconds.
If you don’t have scales, fill the Aeropress until it’s almost full.
The water is best at around 92° C. If you don’t have a temperature controlled kettle, leave the water for a minute or two after it’s boiled.”

Step 6

Resume pouring water over the grounds until your scale reaches 250 grams and your timer reaches 30 second

Step 7

Stir well then add the filter.

Step 8

Put Aeropress on top of the cup and then press until you hear air hiss. It takes a little bit of pressure to push the water through the paper. You’re aiming for this step to take around 30 seconds.

Step 9


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